Thursday, June 11, 2009

Perfect Dark on Xbox Live Arcade!

HA! This is proof that the industry is listening to tiny independent blogs like mine! I asked for this in Part III of my List of classic Nintendo games that haven't been remade, but should be, and now it's coming! You can all thank me for this! (Please don't burst my bubble about this. I have so little!) I will be buying this game, I don't care if they charge twenty bucks for it! Though based on the pricing for Banjo-Kazooie, my guess is that it would be 1200 Microsoft Points, or $15.

Perfect Dark was a great game marred by hardware that was struggling to run it. The 360 is way over-qualified to run an N64 game, and if PD looks and plays as well as B-K did, fans are in for a real treat. Everything that was broken about the N64 original should be fixed in the XBLA release. Stunted framerate? Fixed! Burry textures? Fixed! Scratchy dialog? Fixed! Convoluted level design? Well, maybe not everything. Unfortunately, the only graphical upgrade will be the hi-deffing of the original graphics, but while I'd rather see the game redone with modern graphics, it will still be nice to see a good ol' brunette Joanna Dark in all her low-poly glory. I just hope they provide an alternative way of unlocking the cheats. I hate speedruns!

Still, as long as online multiplayer doesn't break the fantastic local multiplayer of the original, I can see this giving Halo a run for its money. Just watch out for those KaziSims!

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